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      ABOUT US

        Wuxi Lihui Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd gathers research and decelopment,production,sales as one unit.It is the biggest company which specializes in the hardware of aluminum-plastic doors and windows in Wuxi city.It is located in Yangjian town,Wuxi city,which is beside the Taihu Lake,100km to the west of Shanghai,less than 15km from the Wuxi Airport,the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed Road and 312 State Road,5km from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail station.There are a number of high ways leading to Shanghai,Nanjing,Hangzhou areas.The two crossing of the Wuxi Zhangjiagang high-speed roadand the Wuxi Kunshan high speed Road are both there.The transport is very convenient,and the environment is very concinnity.

        Our main products are handle series,hinge series,stainless steel four line slip uo,lock series,transmission shaft series,crescent-lock series pulley series,and other products.The categories,specifications and models of our products are home and abroad.After more than a decade of study in the designing and manufacturing of the hardware of curtain wall and windows,we accumuladted outstanding experience and had our own Reseach and Development Center, so we can develop the hardware products sutited to all manner of aliminum and functions base on the customers' requipements.

        Over the years,we have always promoted people-centered,scientific management,and have deploition,innovation,practical,shape the positive market image of Lihui Hardware.Our commpany's tenet take pay attention to the contract,keeping promises as the principle;take customer's satisfaction as the highest standard;take the favorable after service to attain the customers' trust and gain a larger share of the market.We would like to make long-term cooperation with cilents at home and abroad for the bright outlook!

      Complete types, specifications and models
      Rich experience in design and manufacturing
      Customized according to customer needs
      Improve after sales service system
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